Bringing Shakespeare to life through
performance and technology.
The RE:Shakespeare app is currently optimised for Android OS version 4.3 and above, and the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Tab S 8.4, Tab S 5, Tab A, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, HTC One M9 & Sony Xperia
Shakespeare has been the world’s favourite playwright for 400 years. Considered to be the father of English Literature, studying his plays is now part of the UK National Curriculum and mandatory for all schoolchildren from age 11. But too many teenagers find studying Shakespeare in a traditional classroom setting “too hard” “boring” or “irrelevant” - at an age when they’re at the greatest risk of rejecting his work for life.
Shakespeare wrote plays to be performed, not read in a classroom. Read silently, his texts can seem impenetrable. At the same, we know that young people like playing – especially on the mobile devices over 70% of the have access to at home. So we brought these insights together to approach Shakespeare’s work in fun new ways – standing up, speaking out loud - using active problem-solving and gamification to help our teenage audience develop a better understanding of his stories, characters and, most importantly, his language.
The Royal Shakespeare Company and Samsung worked together to create RE:Shakespeare, a free Android app that helps young people learn about Shakespeare through play, practice and performing for real. By working through a series of immersive 360 and interactive challenges, hosted by celebrity influencers and performance experts, young people are transformed from passive readers to active co-owners and doers, engaging with Shakespeare via the digital channels they live and breathe.
Since launch, the RE:Shakespeare app has been utilised by RSC practitioners and is incorporated in the company’s education outreach programme, reaching 1,200 schools, 2,000 teachers and over 530,000 young people a year. It has also been made available to anyone interested in Shakespeare’s work free-of-charge via the Google Play Store.
“Young people struggle when pronouncing the words...what terrifies them is when they say it out loud... You're doing a critically important thing… giving them the confidence that they can have a go”
Iqbal Khan RSC Director
“The beauty of the RE: Shakespeare app is that it makes learning accessible, so whether you’re on the bus, in the classroom or revising at home you can get to grips with the Bard wherever you are.”
Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland